Sunday, February 13, 2011


celebrating love is a strange concept to me, especially if your practice is love. and yet we set aside tomorrow as a day to remember love. the ones we love. to remember. i celebrate my tiny family of three. all the time. we are non traditional, non conventional in many ways. i am grateful for that.
ian at work at bullseye glass
(wonky pixels when enlarged)
hannah at work on knitting
the silent (ian and hannah will chuckle) one
this week hand/eye online came out with a new edition, including a new piece by wendy golden levitt. her work encompasses love on many levels, love and healing. that is her very strong gift. many fiber artists' works are assists in the work these children do.
 these hands working on wendy's book. 
you can see some other signs of love there, a heart, a moon.
gathered from the earth and pulped
 and sheetformed
 and stitched
 and knotted 
and spun 
and woven into a book.


  1. Velma, your family is way larger than 3!!! love, love, love!!! Cait

  2. love is in the little things, in small everyday gestures and acts of kindness ... yep - it's stitched, knotted, spun and woven...

  3. -- isn't it wonderful what Wendy Golden Levitt is doing with children,that truly is LOVE.

  4. Is that Bullseye Glass in Portland? or do they have lots of workshops around the US??
    It's just that Northlands Glass in Caithness has links with bullseye glass.

  5. the very one and only (as far as i know). i think ian would love a site transfer!!! (if it was to caithness!)

  6. Maybe Ian Knows some of the people who work at Northland Glass?? Does he know the fabulous Patty Niemann?

  7. i emailed this to ian to follow up.
    i'd love to have him "transfer" to caithness!!!!!


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