Saturday, February 26, 2011


a little bit of color in winter.
red osier dogwood.
a favorite basketry material.
a wee bit of green, too
two new artists' books
and i spun late into the night last night, and have one skein to finish today. that will be two sheets of matsuo kozo completed.
i'm learning and relearning slow.


  1. Playing with exposure? I love red osier dogwood. Someday I'll plant a bunch of that here, I love the shock of red against snow.

    BTW the gaggle of turkeys roosted in trees near the house last evening. At first I thought they were huge vultures, but then saw it was my daily visitors finding their spots on branches for the night. It was nice to have them so close.

  2. I do like to see dogwoods in winter, lovely shot

  3. v, i'd like to say it was intentional, but it was a mistake, that i quite like. i almost smashed into a herd of turkeys on the way into town this morning, i honked and honked the horn, and they made it across and i didn't skid!
    cathy, thanks!

  4. I love your barn pictures. there is something about things that were built/created for a purpose and show the signs of hard work. textiles, books, buildings and people. and, of course the dogwood is special.

  5. The dogwood is fabulous. I love the colours of trees. We have a eucalypt here which has red leaves for much of the year. It is so cheerful.

  6. jean, you're right, of course.
    ronnie, the camera was stuck on the wrong setting and before i figured it out these shots were born.
    dian, i am longing for your red eucalyptus leaves!

  7. i love the barn no matter what kind of photo...

  8. Lovely happy red - so full of life it really lifts the spirits. So nice to have new books to get acquainted with as well!

  9. thanks, claire.
    jude, this barn...
    fiona, the books are really good ones.

  10. V-amazing contrast of the red against the white - lovely eye of the artists. B

  11. this red against white is so strong...and so an abstract painting.
    We've got lots of cornus sericea over here...but no turkeys, no vultures...perhaps a mouse behind the house would do :)

  12. we have the mice--behind, in front, inside the house!


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